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Faith Recovery Center is a Social Service Agency offering transitional housing and permanent supportive housing for homeless and chronically homeless individuals. FRC caters to serving individuals in recovery from drugs and alcohol or who have mental illness.

FRC goes to great length in taking individuals from the street and helping, teaching, equipping and supporting them while they arrest their disease and heal from the pain of living on the street. Our residents make changes and become productive members of society. FRC engages clients through case management, group therapy, twelve step meetings, didactics and the guidelines of the program that teach recovery, responsibility, structure, and accountability.

FRC- Case management consists of referrals for individual and group therapies, transportation, goal setting, employment and training, client assistance to help with basic needs such as, identification, medication, and personal items. We make referrals to Community Mental Health to address mental health issues. Our case managers are on site and deliver a spectrum of different supports and services.

Our goal at FRC is to help this oppressed population gain self esteem, life and daily living skills, independence, recovery and recovery support, and housing through a mixture of recourses. The three tier program has different time frames and lengths of stay. FRC does not want anyone to leave the program that is not ready. However, we cannot make them stay, the program is on a volunteer basis. It is our hope that each person stays long enough for the miracle of change to happen.

When a person is ready to leave the FRC program they have practiced a new way to live and applied certain principles in their lives to become productive members of society.


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