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faith-recovery-center-articIn 1997, Fred Decaminada started Faith Recovery Center as a charitable way to use the apartment complex in which he had recently invested. Fred was made aware of the necessity of providing housing for people coming out of drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Because of their history and situation, recovering addicts are often refused housing when they need it most. This tragically results in vulnerable people living on the streets and falling back into the cycle of addiction, erasing the positive work done in treatment. Individuals dedicated to their own recovery, despite their best intentions, still need a support system for their long uphill battle.

Fred started small, though quickly saw the positive effects that came from giving people the second chance they needed. These early experiences led Fred to create Faith Recovery Center, a non-profit (501c3) organization designed to provide affordable housing, services and support for those struggling to be free of chemical dependence. It has grown into a small community working together for substance-free living.

Mission Statement Our Values
To provide individualized services in a safe, secure environment in order to assist men and women in their recovery from substance abuse and/or behavioral health issues. Through discipline, encouragement, and person centered planning we strive to help individuals learn essential life skills and develop the confidence to face future challenges.

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