FRC is a structured program of recovery from drugs and alcohol and/or mental illnesshomelesswomen

  • The setting is two bedroom fully furnished apartments with new beds, linens and dressers purchased in 2011

    1. Residents may bring clothing, food and very few personal items only. Each resident gets one dresser and half of a closet. FRC does not allow clutter or the overtaking of others space. Please limit items or you may be asked to remove them.

  • Every resident receives on site case management, which consists of:

    1. Referrals to community mental health programs, transportation, relapse prevention, doctor appointments, obtaining identification, food stamps, case managers address immediate needs and help the client to obtain what is necessary to move forward in their life.

  • Transportation is available through our small transportation system or through other agencies we work with.

  • Basic program rules you must follow for the safety and respect of other residents and staff. Rules about personal hygiene, cleanliness of FRC apartments and grounds, curfew and more are essential to the success of the program. Visit our FAQ page for a complete list of our rules and policies.

  • Active participation in your relapse prevention program. You must attend regular Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous 12-step meetings, find a sponsor and be compliant with all meeting and group requirements. Random drug-screening is to ensure residents follow our ZERO-TOLERANCE drug / alcohol policy.

Faith Recovery Center was designed to help the most oppressed homeless individual move forward and become a productive member of society through discipline and structure. This is not an easy process. Individuals will get out of it what they put in. The staff at FRC will not work harder than the individual works to help themselves, but will be a supportive member of their recovery journey.

If you have questions or would like to become a resident at FRC, contact us at (313) 383-9042.

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